#About me

Oct 20th, 2019 

Hi, I am Tore. I am a Norwegian software developer that is currently working at OpusCapita in Dortmund, Germany. In my day to day job, I am currently developing a full stack JavaScript application, although I prefer Rust or Go as backend for my private projects. And in this blog I will mostly be covering topics with Rust.

I got fascinated with development at the high school where I had a couple of course on IT. Since then I have got a Bachelor's degree in computer sciences at The University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway, where I among other things build a Unix like operating system from scratch.

My mother always told me I would be an excellent teacher. I am glad I didn't choose that path, since that would have made it more difficult for me to move together with my girlfriend in Germany. But at least I hope I can contribute a bit to the community by creating this blog. And I would be happy for blog topic and tutorial ideas, that would help you out.

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